London welcomes

Third week starts tomorrow. London. Morning. Red buses and funny taxis. Narrow streets and crazy bikers. Rushing people. Coffee. Everybody is deep in their story. And we are here!!! Brick Lane – cobbled street, graffiti, barkers in restaurants, diverse crowds of people any time of the day, garbage bags on every corner. And we are here!!! Brick Lane – market day. Dive into the crowd where it’s loud and happy and people talking in different languages to each other. Step on some/any side street and it is a different world. It’s quiet and empty. And we are here!!! Rainmaking Loft: coffee, people, nice people, helpful people, intimidating people, meetings, meetings, meetings and ping pong. Oh and POW WOW and… Pitch for a Pint at the Pub. That was an experience for me and others who were caught off guard when asked to pitch. And here we are!!!