Tradle rolls into London

We’re already heading into our third week at Startupbootcamp Fintech London and still no one has asked us why we’re not blogging about it. Now that we’ve figured out why (because we have no blog and no subscribers), the awful silence is over.

The last two weeks were…let’s call them eventful. The first Saturday was most definitely not a day of rest. We strolled into the Rainmaking Loft like the winners we were, met all the other potentials, and then did a little something called “initiation by Jordan,” otherwise known as BDSM 101 with the business model canvas.

Jordan [Schlipf] is a serial entrepreneur, startup schoolmaster and amateur rapper. If anyone doesn’t believe in love at first sight, they haven’t met Jordan yet. He started off by thoroughly blowing our minds, and then blowing his nose in our business model. It was like Ghostbusters, but with more mucus, in one word: awesome. Or as they say in the UK, brilliant.

Enamored and heartbroken simultaneously, we spent Saturday night tossing and turning and Sunday “reinventing ourselves” (read: giving our eyebrows a proper furrow). During the week that followed–the business model canvas was just an overture, the opera was just getting started–we were told that we needed to focus. This completely bewildered us, because it was exactly what we thought we’d been doing, and according to the experts…not. We didn’t know who to trust, the experts or ourselves. The experts told us to trust ourselves, but that what we were doing was all kinds of wrong. It was very confusing.

The second week was pretty much plagiarized from Kung Fu Panda:
- We ate a lot of noodles
- We didn’t lose any weight
- Everyone laughed at us
- We tried to focus
- We focused (did we, Liz?) - We tried to validate our value proposition with our customers
- We realized we weren’t focusing
- We came up with questions to validate our value proposition with customers (expert tip: do this earlier next time)
- We got Jordaned a couple more times

I’m skipping over another fifty things and I’m not going to introduce all the other scary and wonderful SBC guys at this point, because I have focusing scheduled for 8PM, but so far, things are brilliant.