Turning a Word into Reality

I pitch.

I am the CEO of Tradle and this is my job description. I pitch all day long.

I pitch to my teammates Ellen and Mark, who are with me in London, and to all the others left behind in the US. I pitch to mentors and to the Startupbootcamp Fintech organizers. I pitch to our Entrepreneurs in Residence and to potential customers. I pitch a reality that has not happened yet.

My pitch has one tune – Imagine. Imagine the world where Tradle has succeeded. Imagine how much better it will be. Imagine the possibilities opening up for all that believed. Finding the right words is hard work, but when it happens it is magical. When it happens and people vibrate with enthusiasm, it is majestic. At this moment you know that the Word is turning into Reality.

Our first two weeks in Startupbootcamp, this is what we’ve been doing. This is all we have been doing. NOT working on a product. That is what did in all our previous startups. Adding. Perfecting. Building features. Pleasing. Pleasing. Pleasing customers with more capabilities. This time we are working on the Word.

Flashback to 1 month ago.

The tension has risen to an anxiety level. Tomorrow is Pitch day and then the Selection Games begin. We’ve gone over the pitch again and again. Memorized it like a nursery rhyme. We’re done for the day.

In the middle of the night I jump out of bed as if out of air. It is not good. The pitch is not good. I know it in my gut. But I also know that I am done. I have no more juice left, no more ideas. I am lost. And I say it. I say it out-loud to the most sacred in my heart. I ask for help. I throw myself into the abyss of not knowing.

And it comes. 3 seconds later it comes. In force. I rush to the keyboard and I write it down and it is good. It is not about Tradle and it is not about what we do. It is about all that pushes me to do it. And it pours out of me onto the page and it is good. I know it. I Skype Ellen and Mark and I pitch it to them and they go silent for a minute and they breathe and I know it is good.

And the next day I pitch it. It is good. People are uplifted and I feel uplifted. Thank you Word and thank you Place where it comes from. I am humbled and grateful. I am in love.

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