Tradle’s 90s pitch at Startupbootcamp FinTech social

Welcome to a world of paranoia. We in financial services are scared and we don’t trust people. Not our customers, especially not new customers. We’re so scared that we allocate 20% of our staff on compliance just getting to know our customers. We’ve come to the point where the customer is no longer a source of profit, but a liability. This is how distorted our world has become.

But why? Why don’t we trust our customer?

Because we don’t know who they are. We don’t know what risk they pose to our business. Especially in the online world.

I stand here on stage, and nobody knows me. I have years of reputation and actions that have brought me here. But why do you trust me?

Because Startupbootcamp vouched for me.

In financial services, we face this problem every time we face a customer. We don’t know if Startupbootcamp vouched for them. (no one in the audience got the joke…)

As a customer, how do I package the trust people have in me, and get a stranger to accept me for who I claim to be? So that we can do business together.

In a world of paranoia, Tradle is removing the fear of the unknown…with a little help from the blockchain!