Tradle presents their vision to Lloyds

Hello Friends, I am back. From the future.

And in the future, nothing has changed. All you need to win…is to bet on the right thing.

Consider this:

In 1765 Lloyds opens its doors. Everything that Lloyds is, is kept behind those doors. Fast-forward to 1995. The Internet explodes, everything that Lloyds is, is kept behind those doors. Wood is replaced by the firewall, but the principle is the same.

In 2015, a network that operates outside the firewall, touches the heart of every banker.

It is the Blockchain.

That same year, a then unknown startup ‘Tradle’ joins Startupbootcamp in London and with the help of its mentors and partners, rolls out a ‘KYC Network on blockchain’. Their battle cry is EXTERNALIZATION! By externalizing KYC data onto the blockchain, Tradle creates an identity transfer network with full user control.

Tradle bets everything on the proposition that a “portable financial identity” will lay a foundation for banking on the blockchain.

  • 2016 – Lloyds is the first bank to roll out a practical blockchain application, while other banks are still busy “innovating”.
  • 2017 – Mastercard and Visa enter into an agreement with Tradle to establish a global identity transfer network.
  • By 2018 it’s clear that trust is becoming the new money, as predicted by Dave Birch. The cost of Compliance plummets, due to on-blockchain auditing.
  • 2020 – Tradle’s identity network can still handle less than 1% of Alibaba’s volume.
  • 2025 – Lloyds leads worldwide transition from banking to a trust network.
  • 2030 – due to trust network worldwide expansion, Alibaba files for bankruptcy.
  • The rest is history

Hello, I am From the future. And nothing has changed.

All you need to win is to bet on the right thing. Compliance on blockchain.