Tradle's pitch to PwC

An offline industry is about to come online. Last time it happened, it created a $100B market, Uber.

The compliance industry is a little bit bigger than the taxi industry. The government is concerned with financial crime and consumer protection, while businesses need to consider their counterparty risks. It all boils down to who you can trust and how much.

Tradle has designed a trust network on blockchain. This is a big data network, with the customer at the center. And therefore, it doesn’t suffer with the problems of the centralized solutions: Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Centralization of power.

Tradle’s network helps participants record and share: Who did What, and When.

With that solution, you can start on-boarding…getting to Know Your Customer. We are piloting this with Rabobank and Lloyds. We’ve created a unique process that works for retail and corporate banking, mortgages, leasing, insurance…and later for trade finance.

What does it mean for PWC? The next big change is coming! And the banks, the regulators, and anyone in commerce … will all need a lot of help, with strategic advice, process redesign and integration.

An offline industry is about to come online.
With a little help from Tradle … and PWC