Simon says "relaxation time is over"

Hey team and friends,

I would like to welcome to our team, Simon Tradle (formerly Simon Wilkinson).

Relaxation time is over. The operations team above has been fired. We're going industrial. The task master below is going to whip this team of slackers into shape. Gene, you've had your last cookie.

Simon is one of the shareholders in Tradle, and is finally able to work full time with us. Simon is a long time close friend and worked with us on previous startups. Mark, Ellen and JG - we all love working with him - Simon has a great sense of humor, with a dash of proper UK self-deprecation.

Simon has an engineering background, was a Director at Westferry Printers in London (formerly the biggest printing facility in Europe) and was our customer at a prior supply chain management startup. Simon has also suffered with us through projects we started but did not manage to scale, and did not leave.

Simon will do a lot of operational stuff that I am now overwhelmed with. He was tied up for far too long as a GM of another startup, which is now prospering and it's time to return to more exciting ventures.

Simon is very good with modern tools, will get our site and communications in high gear, with Mark’s help of course: blog, forum, videos, media / events, newsletter, analytics, SEO/adwords, CRM, support - as he is excellent with the customers. Not in the door-opening and sales-closing kind of way, but in everything in between. God know and helps - we have opened a lot of doors and I look for others on our growing team to help close the deals. To top it off, Simon can also do implementation management. He is an excellent communicator, and will be online most of the time, should any of us need help.