Tradle Platform for developers

Big Idea

Tradle has been working for 3 years on the most exciting project in the world, digital identity on blockchain.

Identity on blockchain, or Know Your Customer (KYC), as it is known in the financial world, is now considered the killer application of the blockchain. It was not so 3 years ago when Tradle started. We evangelized and educated the market, presenting at 2-3 conferences a month, meeting with 40 biggest financial institutions in the world, exciting many of the world's governments.

We persuaded several of the biggest financial institutions to try our approach, and are talking to several most innovative governments to allow us to introduce verifiable identity in their jurisdictions.

It is a well known fact that Estonia, once a poor tiny post-soviet country, achieved something no other country has done, a deep penetration of digital services across the whole society. No one is signing contracts on paper there anymore, they vote, they make laws, they secure health records, they form companies and do hundreds of other things purely digitally.

Yet Estonia could not find a way to help other countries achieve the same, despite making it their key political agenda. Tradle did a 6 months R&D on e-Estonia and has discovered the reason for that. As a result we delivered a prototype for the next generation self-sovereign mobile-first digital identity for Estonia, and got a Letter of Intent from them to work with us to help other countries repeat their success.

We are now ready to offer this as a platform for all developers, individuals, startups, and those that work in the enterprise, and for the government.

There are thousands of applications that can be built on the solid digital identity foundation, the foundation that protects our privacy to the highest degree, yet is acceptable by the governments of the world, who are often paranoid about terrorism and financial crime.

Making blockchain apps is not easy. Making them look good and operate on all platforms, from mobiles to the servers is not easy.

Tradle’s platform is not just making it easy, it makes it in style.

And it is a marvel of design. It uses one language - JavaScript to run everywhere, on mobiles tablets, web and the servers. We recreated a [subset of] node.js in many environments. Tradle uses the hottest UI framework on earth - React Native. It is open source, and has been from the start. And it is blockchain agnostic. The bitcoin blockchain is still our favorite, but others, like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, have brought new designs and ideas into the red hot distributed ledgers field. You want to be future proof? You want your efforts to matter? Tradle then is the place to bet on!

It is time to launch your dream app. Such opportunity, such a technology shift happens only once in a generation. Are you the next Zuck, the one who catches fortuna by the 3 hairs it has left on its bald head (hey - many have grabbed it already and this is all that is left for us late bloomers), or will you let your chance pass you by?

It is for you to decide.


You will need to shed your old conceptions,
you may need to endure some rough patches,
but you will succeed fast,

Because we have done a lot of heavy lifting for you.
We have gathered a lot of app ideas, which you are welcome to use.
And we are building a distribution network for your apps.